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We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers dedicated to studying why antibiotic-resistant bacteria are generated, how they behave in different situations and what is the role of the environment, animals and production chains in their development and spread.

Our mission is to preserve the power of antibiotics. To accomplish this, our work unfolds from diverse perspectives, including

glances from clinicians, veterinarians, microbiologists, evolutionary biologists and ecologists, social epidemiologists, pharmaceutical chemists, and specialists in mathematical modeling and public policy.

MICROB-R was born in October 2018 thanks to funding from the Millennium Science Initiative, of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism of the Government of Chile.

MICROB-R organises its activities around three areas:

First area: Biological basis of microbial resistance.

The largest part of our scientific research is focused on this theme. We seek to answer questions such as: What’s the role of environment and animals in the appearance and dissemination of antibiotic resistant bacteria in various scenarios? What are the dynamics of transmission of resistant bacteria between the hospital and the community? Our research takes place at four laboratories, each one contributing a different knowledge base and capabilities.

Second area: Education on antimicrobial resistance.

MICROB-R currently organizes several educational initiatives aimed at different publics. We want to generate understanding and awareness about the resistance phenomenon, and its global and multicausal character. Currently we are working on the following initiatives:

  • 1) Educational stand at scientific fairs to be held in different parts of the country.
  • 2) Antibacterial Resistance Course (CURB). Renowned national specialists gathering with health professionals and students to share knowledge and strengthen collaborative ties to address antibacterial resistance. The course is offered once a year.

Third area: Public policies.

Antimicrobial resistance is a highly complex phenomenon whose solution requires coordinated actions between different actors. MICROB-R wants to play a role in public policy design through:

  1. Scientific research including social, institutional and economic dimensions of antimicrobial resistance, addressing questions such as: What’s the economic cost of resistance in Chile?, What are the links of antimicrobial resistance to poverty, immigration and inequality?, What is the status of antimicrobial optimisation programs in our hospitals and how to implement them in a better way?
  2. Building linkages with relevant actors in the control of antimicrobial resistance in Chile in order to maximise collaboration and increase efficiency.


Avenida Las Condes 12.461, torre 3, oficina 205.
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile

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